Twin Oaks Golf Complex

1326 East 1900 Road · Eudora, KS 66025 · (785) 542-2844

Course Overview

Course Map

Hole 1 · 57 yards · Hcp 8
The short opening hole has a wide, shallow green protected by berms on the front right and back.

Hole 2 · 68 yards · Hcp 3
An accurate first shot is required to find the green, which slants away and to the left. A large berm protects the left side of the green.

Hole 3 · 74 yards · Hcp 5
The green slopes from back to front, providing a backstop for shots hit long — but watch out for the false front.

Hole 4 · 65 yards · Hcp 2
The wide and shallow green makes distance control take priority over accuracy on the 4th.

Hole 5 · 86 yards · Hcp 1
The course's longest hole boasts a two-tiered green sloping from back to front.

Hole 6 · 73 yards · Hcp 6
Turning back toward the clubhouse, the green on number 6 is protected by trees on the right and berms back and left.

Hole 7 · 62 yards · Hcp 7
The pond enters play on the left, while the large back-to-front sloping green provides a receptive target.

Hole 8 · 53 yards · Hcp 9
The shortest hole features a narrow green that slopes from back to front, with the pond still in play on the left.

Hole 9 · 59 yards · Hcp 4
The closing hole features a canting green which runs right to left, with two tiers making long putts tricky. Try to ignore the pond along the left side of the hole.